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Field - collaborative training

Service description

This service allows the student to apply for field and practical (applied) training during the study, or cooperative training, if any.

Target group

  • Students / Individuals? 

Requirements for obtaining the service

1. A letter from the training administration in the university shall be provided;

2. A photocopy of the academic record / identity shall be presented;

3. The form shall be filled out;

4. The applicant shall be a full time trainee not an employee;

5. The objective of the training shall be identified;

6. The training duration shall be specified; and

7. The training plan shall be presented.

Procedures for obtaining the service

  •   After applying for the service, the application shall be reviewed and requirement fulfillment shall be verified;
  •   The application shall be filed with the respective training department for approval; and
  •   The applicant shall be informed of the outcome of the application.

Service Level Agreement

    لمعلومات اتفاقية مستوى الخدمة يرجى زيارة اتفاقية مستوى الخدمة

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