Target group


Service duration

7 working days

Service delivery channels

Portal, mobile application, the unified number, and the e-mail




عربي / English

Receipt of complaints


Requirements for obtaining the service

    1. The complaint shall be lodged through different access channels;

    2. The topic of the complaint or report should be the violation of the human right;

    3.Violation occurrence time shall not exceed twelve months or shall not be a continuous case;

    4. The topic of the complaint or the report shall not be based on an existing or previously dismissed report;

    5. The applicant must not have been sentenced under a judgment etc.; 

    6. All personal information fields shall be filled out;

    7. The complaint information and details must be fully and accurately entered;

    8. Documents shall be presented supporting the complaint.

    9. The application shall be sent and the complaint number sent in a text message shall be received in order for the applicant to follow up the application status; and

    10. Complaint processing procedures will not be completed if information is incomplete.

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