Receipt of complaints

This service allows for lodging a complaint or report by individuals, institutions, organizations and others on human rights issues.

(Access to justice, Protection from violence and abuse, Nationality, Recognition of the Legal, Personality, opinion and expression, work, Protection against trafficking in persons, Education, Health, Social Welfare , Marriage and family formation, adequate standard of living, Privacy and information security, Repossession, Sound environment, Development, Equality and non-discrimination, Criminal justice, Other)


Requirements for obtaining the service

You can submit a complaint in the following areas (Criminal justice, Equality and non-discrimination, Development, Sound environment, Cultural, Repossession, Privacy and information security, adequate standard of living, Marriage and family formation, Social Welfare, Health, Education, Protection against trafficking in persons, Work, opinion and expression, Recognition of the Legal Personality, Nationality, Protection from violence and abuse, Access to justice, Other..)

1. The complaint shall be lodged through different access channels

2. The topic of the complaint or report should be the violation of the human right

3.Violation occurrence time shall not exceed twelve months or shall not be a continuous case

4. The topic of the complaint or the report shall not be based on an existing or previously dismissed report

5. The applicant must not have been sentenced under a judgment etc. 

6. All personal information fields shall be filled out

7. The complaint information and details must be fully and accurately entered

8. Documents shall be presented supporting the complaint.

9. The application shall be sent and the complaint number sent in a text message shall be received in order for the applicant to follow up the application status; and

10. Complaint processing procedures will not be completed if information is incomplete.

Service Level Agreement

For information about the Service Level Agreement Please visit the Service Level Agreement

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Service duration

7 working days

Start Date


Service delivery channels

Portal, mobile application, the unified number, and the e-mail




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