Expressing opinion concerning draft declarations and guides as well as regional and international strategies

Service description

Requesting for an online opinion concerning draft (regional and international) laws, declarations, and guides related to human rights. 

Target group


Requirements for obtaining the service

    This service is intended for government entities. 

    1. Registration shall be made on HRC portal (sent by HRC). In the event that no account is available for you, then registration could be made through the link); 

    2. The law, declaration, or the guide shall be related to human rights;

    3. The application shall be filed by one of the concerned entities participating in the study of the law, declaration, or guide;

    4. The form information shall be filled out, and a photocopy of the law or topic to be commented on shall be presented;

    5. The service type shall be selected (expressing opinion on a human rights law - reviewing or amending an existing law according to legal procedures); and

    5. The application shall be sent and a text message with the application number shall be sent.

Procedures for obtaining the service

    1. The application shall be received and electronically transferred to the concerned administration to express opinion on the service; 

    2 The application shall be reviewed and compliance with legal requirements and constraints shall be verified;

    3. The application shall be implemented according to the approved review conditions and controls; and

    4. The applicant shall be informed of the completion of the report (completion of the application).

Service Level Agreement

For service level agreement information, please visit the service Level agreement 

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