Awareness-raising Lecture

Service description

This service allows for requesting implementation of educational programs through lectures on human rights. 

Target group

  • جهات حكومية و غير حكومية
  • شركات

Requirements for obtaining the service

    1. The entity is required to have a commercial register;

     2. A letter from the head of the entity or the authorized person approving the organization of the lecture shall be provided;

    3. The city, place, and date of the awareness-raising lecture shall be stated, and the avenue or auditorium reservation receipt shall be presented if the lecture is held outside the institution;

    4- The topic of the lecture should be in the field of human rights;

    5. The target group shall be identified;

    6. The number of participants shall be identified; and

    7. The application shall be filed two weeks prior to the lecture date.

Procedures for obtaining the service

    •  The application shall be filed through the website;

    • The application shall then be transferred to Media and Publications Centre to verify whether it could be possibly implemented; and

    • The applicant shall be approached in order for the application procedures to be completed.

Service Level Agreement

For information about the Service Level Agreement Please visit the Service Level Agreement

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