Human Rights Commission

Saudi Arabia

Preparing the Kingdom's reports

Service description

Requesting for information required to prepare reports related to human rights conventions.

Target group

  • Government bodies
  • relevant NGOs and institutions

Requirements for obtaining the service

    This service is intended for government bodies, associations and relevant NGOs and institutions. 

    1.   There shall be an account with the entity (sent by HRC). In the event that the account is not available, then registration could be made through the link);
    2.   The report preparation plan shall be included in the website page;
    3.   The application shall be filed by one of the specified entities (committee, working teams,  correspondence);
    4.   The form information shall be filled out and required documents shall be presented.

Procedures for obtaining the service

    • 1. The application shall be received by the concerned administration through an access code of the management specialists;

      2. The application shall be reviewed and compliance with requirements and constraints shall be verified;

      3. The application shall be implemented according to the approved review policy; and

      4. The applicant shall be informed of the completion of the report or missing parts that need to be completed by the applicant.

Service Level Agreement

For information about the Service Level Agreement Please visit the Service Level Agreement