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Service description

This service allows you to submit a request for advice on human rights issues

Disclaimer and Disclaimer:

This service is designated by the Commission to provide support and advice in human rights issues in light of the information provided in the request. It is of an indicative nature and is provided free of charge by the specialized teams or support teams cooperating with it from individuals and entities interested in providing support and advice in human rights issues. An alternative to any legal procedures that the person concerned must take or resort to the competent authorities to deal with them or seek the help of specialists in presenting them

With an emphasis on keeping all procedures and information confidential, and preserving the sender's privacy

Note that the use of this service requires the sender to accept the referral of his request to the practitioners concerned with providing this service, and to confirm his knowledge that it is not linked to any legal responsibility of the authority, and that continuing to benefit from the service is a confirmation of his knowledge of this and his approval of it.

Target group


Requirements for obtaining the service

    1. The request for advice is submitted through the various access channels.
    2. That the subject matter of the request relates to human rights issues
    3. Enter complete and correct data and application details
    4. Send the request and receive the number sent by text message to follow up on the status of the request.
    5. The application processing procedures will not be completed in the event that the data are incomplete.

Procedures for obtaining the service

    1. Receive the application and verify the completion of the information and data necessary to process the request.
    2. Transferring it to the specialized researcher for study.
    3. Inform the applicant of the outcome of his application.

Service Level Agreement

For information about the Service Level Agreement Please visit the Service Level Agreement


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